1st BKSA Blackpool

I just got back from a great weekend in Blackpool at the finals of the BKSA. It was the only event on the British tour i have competed in this year as i have been away when they have been on, it was so cool to check out the scene and see everybody riding so good. I was unsure whether to enter just incase i got my arss handed to me! but i thought id try my luck. The wind was perfect on friday, they managed to run the whole comp in one day including the mens pros. The wind was onshore, around 15-20 knots i was a bit nervous about ending up on the beach as i was competing in bindings so i thought id take my 14 and go big or go home. i was stacked for my first heat, everybody was on 9s but i managed to pull through a win that heat. The next heat was against Luke Whiteside, he’s killing it at the moment and i knew it would be a hard heat, he beat me! Which put me into the losers final against Ollie Sweeney who is also killing it! We had a few heats before ours so we got really cold! I managed to win that heat to put me back into the final against Ned Taylor and Luke Whiteside. In the final I had nothing to loose, Ned and Lukes entire year rested on this heat as their points were so close, basically who ever won that heat won the British Title. This meant I didn’t have as much pressure and managed to string together a good enough heat to take the win! I am so chuft as I haven’t competed much this year and it was so nice to come back and win the event! The prize giving was really nice and we all celebrated the year with a good night out!
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