Hey, it’s that Maui time of year! I have been here for 2 and a half weeks. I have had a big mixture of conditions from 3 days of solid rain to huge Jaws days and epic kiting conditions. A good mate from home Chris Bull came out with me for the first two weeks, it was cool showing him about and getting to see some of the island i don’t normally see. We had double kiting sessions most days hitting the kickers out at ‘Boneyards’ near Flash beach, i learnt some new tricks and a few that i haven’t seen done in kiting before! So watch out for a new video soon! I have also been playing Golf, Skateboarding and Surfing so its been a good trip! This weeks been busy working with Naish, shooting and testing new kites and equipment. Also be sure to check out my pictures! I just got a new set of kites with O’Neill logos that look sick! I have been shooting with Tracy Craft a lot and we have a few money shots for sure! I get home this Saturday, and i have a short week before heading out to the Philippines for the Wind or No Wind event, check it out Peeeeace! Sam
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